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Remote Administration
WinRoute Administration provides the configuration and settings needed on the WinRoute Engine. WinRoute Administration is a separate application (wradmin.exe) that may be activated from any computer with a TCP/IP connection to the computer running the WinRoute Engine. Access to the Engine is secured by strong encryption and password protection.

WinRoute provides an administrator with ultimate control over the traffic flowing through the computer it is running on. The Administrator may benefit from analyzing the flow of TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP packets, DNS requests, driver information and more. All operations include the Time Stamp feature.

NAT Router
WinRoute includes the best implementation of NAT technology available today. It is designed to provide users with the ultimate in routing capability and network protection. The NAT driver, written exclusively for WinRoute, offers a security solution comparable to more expensive products at substantially less cost.

Advanced NAT
The advanced routing features of WinRoute’s NAT allows for the easy integration of a LAN into the corporate WAN while keeping the option available for separate Internet access.

Hosting Servers Behind WinRoute
Port Mapping technology allows users to decide how they want to divert IP packets passing through any interface operated by WinRoute. With WinRoute, users can set packets coming to a specific port to be forwarded to a specific internal computer. This allows them to run a web server or mail server, VPN server or other services securely behind the firewall.

Firewall Security
WinRoute gives users a comparable level of firewall capability found in far more expensive solutions through a combination of its NAT architecture and the ability to operate on a low level. This allows WinRoute to capture both incoming and outgoing packets, which makes it unbreakable. Anti-spoofing is an add-on to WinRoute’s packet filtering for futher protection of the LAN against attacks where the intruder falsifies source IP addresses.

Simple Network Configuration
A DHCP server and DNS forwarder are included in WinRoute Pro to simplify network administration so that no client side configuration is required. WinRoute’s DHCP server may easily replace the DHCP server included in Windows NT.

Mail Server
WinRoute’s Mail server, complete with SMTP/POP3 compatibility, virtually unlimited aliasing opportunities and automatic mail sorting, is extremely versatile. Users can have one or more email addresses and can effectively work in groups (i.e. sales, support, etc.) and each group can be assigned to more users. All these features are available regardless of the type of Internet connection being used.

HTTP Cache
WinRoute’s architecture includes an innovative Cache engine. Unlike proxy servers with caching functionality, WinRoute’s cache stores passing data in one file of pre-defined length; instead of using a simple file for each object. This significantly saves the disc space occupied by the cache, especially in FAT16 environments (mostly Windows 95).

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