WinRoute Pro 4.1 supports IPSEC in so called “Tunnel mode”. The “Tunnel mode” should support any IPSEC client that will allow for the transport IP address to be changed. IPSec is security encryption protocol used for secure communication between two computers.

Amazingly, it is possible to connect the local network that uses NAT to a remote network using WinRoute Pro and Novell BorderManager VPN Client. This configuration allows any computer on the local network to access the resources on the remote network when the VPN tunnel has been established on the router computer. No remote network configuration is required. This is made possible by the architecture of the WinRoute Pro. Because it works on the IPSEC level, address translation occurs before the packet is routed to the virtual network adapter. Therefore the packets sent to the VPN server have the real source IP address. On the way back the packets received from virtual network adapter pass through the address translation layer and are routed to the correct computer on the local network.

WinRoute allows a very cost effective way of creating your own WAN between branch offices connected to the Internet via PPTP.

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