Terms of use

On this page, visitors to tinysoftware.com can read and acquaint themselves with the terms of use of our website. It is highly advisable that anyone who wishes to use this site reads the points below – if you do not agree with any of the terms of use listed down below, you should leave tinysoftware.com.

Anyone who uses our website will automatically be assumed to have read and agreed with the contents of this page. Even if you haven’t read the Terms of use, if you visit tinysoftware.com, you will still be bound to them.


  1. It is strictly prohibited for visitors to this website to post and share illegal, criminally offensive or otherwise inappropriate information. Should we deem that anything posted on tinysoftware.com by any of our visitors should not be on this website, we retain the right to abolish the inappropriate content.
  2. a) This rule also applies to any information that is under the protection of the Copyright Law as well as information that might prove to be harmful to other users – malicious links, Trojan Horses, viruses, etc. Users who violate this will be reported to the respective authorities.
  3. b) No advertising content posted by users is to be allowed on tinysoftware.com. Any comments that appear to contain any form of advertising will be removed from the site.
  4. The original contents of this website are property to their respective creators and are under the protection of the Copyright Law. Reproduction the site’s original contents without an explicit agreement from their authors is prohibited.
  5. We have the right to monitor the activity of tinysoftware.com’s visitors with regards to what they are doing on our site. In case any user-related information is required by the authorities, we are be obliged to provide it. No private information such as messages and e-mails from users that get send to us would be monitored or recorded. We will refuse to post, share or delete any such information related to this rule.
  6. Any information that gets posted by users in the comment sections of tinysoftware.com will be made public. Therefore, visitors to our site are highly-advised to be considerate and responsible with regards to what information they share within the comments. We take no responsibility for security and privacy of any sensitive information that users might share and post on tinysoftware.com.
  7. All guides, tips, articles, graphical content, suggested programs and software tools or any other information shared on this site is provided under the clause of “as is”. This means that the owners and crew of tinysoftware.com would not be held responsible should any unforeseen consequences occur as a result of the use of the information posted on our site.
  8. a) As an extension of the above rule, tinysoftware.com would also take no responsibility with regards to the safety and reliability of the contents of any links to third-party websites or suggested third-party software programs within any of our guides and articles.
  9. b) In addition, the crew and owners of tinysoftware.com would not be liable for any unsafe or inappropriate information posted by users within the comment section.
  10. Visiting tinysoftware.com automatically allows us to collect personal user data related to the exploitation of our site. In addition, we also hold the right to obtain such information from third-parties. Any such data is to be used solely for the improvement of the quality of the content and services that we provide our visitors with here, on tinysoftware.com.


This Terms of use agreement has been established according to the national law of The Republic of Bulgaria as well as the law of the European Union. Using tinysoftware.com means that you have automatically agreed to the points listed above and that you have no objections to any of the Terms of use. Violation of any of the aforementioned rules by any of this site’s visitors would result in denied access to the site’s pages. Should any disputes occur between users and the owners/crew of tinysoftware.com, the dispute is to be resolved according to the national law of Bulgaria and the law of the European Union.