Slimjet Review – a versatile and fast browser with a few extra perks

You are surely familiar with some, if not all of the more popular browser programs out there such as Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc. However, there are also many alternative browsing programs that, though not a popular as the previously mentioned ones, might still have a lot to offer to anyone who is willing to experiment with something that isn’t as famous or as widely used. Because of this, in the article down below, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with one somewhat unknown web browser which actually has quite an impressive set of tools, options for customization and a satisfying performance.

Introduction to Slimjet

Slimjet is a Chromium-based browser program which is primarily optimized for speed and performance. The goal of this piece of software, however, isn’t solely to be quick when opening pages. It also includes a number of extra features that are supposed to save time when navigating throughout the World Wide Web (more on that later). With all that said, one would think that Slimjet is a lightweight program that doesn’t have much else to offer aside from performance. However, though the browser is indeed relatively light and doesn’t consume much PC resources, it still offers quite a few surprising extra utilities that will be outlined down below.


Slimjet shouldn’t look unfamiliar to anyone who has at a certain point used Chrome or any other Chromium-based browser. In our opinion, the outlook of this program is reminiscent of that of Opera with its square tabs and the new tab/starting page which looks and functions a lot like Opera’s Speed Dial – it is a page with a search box on top and tiles down below for the user’s favorite sites. One thing to mention in that regard is that the starting/new tab page of Slimjet actually offers more customization freedom than that of Opera. For example, you can actually choose the search engine used for the search box and you can also change the size and number of rows and columns for the website tiles. You can even change their colors as well as a few other things. Even though this page doesn’t look too slick or stylish, it is really convenient and useful.

Another cool thing is the high customization freedom that the user gets for the browser’s toolbar – initially, there would be only a few buttons for some of the more important features but once you go to settings, you can add many more extra buttons to the toolbar that correspond to an impressive set of additional utilities that the program possesses.

One thing to mention about the interface is the combined address/search bar. Currently, only Firefox of the main browsers still uses separate boxes for the URL and the search engine. Having the boxes combined, though convenient, could compromise privacy so bear that in mind.


Some consider Slimjet to be faster than the current top browsers but it is difficult to verify such a claim as there are a lot of variables at play. However, what we can say is that the browser is indeed quite fast and performs well. Also, it doesn’t consume too much of your PC’s resources which is an additional bonus. The program surely has a potential to offer efficient Internet experience in terms of time, especially if the user manages to implement its features dedicated to minimizing the time it takes to do something online.


Here is where Slimjet truly shines – not only does it support Google’s browser extensions so that you can freely install Google Web Store add-ons but it also has a big number of built-in utilities that on most other browsers you would need to acquire by adding an extension to the program. In this regard, Slimjet reminds us of another lesser-known browser called Maxthon which also offers some interesting features by default. You can expect us to soon write a review of Maxthon as well. Now back to Slimjet, down below we will point out the most important of its tools but know that there will likely be some that we will leave behind simply because there’s so many of them.

  • Video download – something interesting about this browser is that it allows you to directly download video from video sites such as YouTube and save them to your PC. In addition to that, this tool also has a built-in converter so that, for example, you can download a video that is in mp4 format and convert it to mp3.
  • Ad-blocker – a lot of browsers currently have an integrated ad-blocker and Slimjet is no exception. This tool is probably one of the most useful ones in its arsenal as it automatically blocks any ads that the pages you visit might contain, allowing for a safer and a more pleasant browsing experience.
  • Facebook integration – with this you can share anything on Facebook with a click on a single button.
  • Screen capture and screen record – with the capture feature you can quickly take snapshots form your browser and then save them as image files on your PC (just like Window’s Snipping tool) and with the record tool you will be able to even make video clips of what is currently happening in your browser.
  • Quick mouse commands/Mouse gestures – this is similar to Opera’s mouse gestures. With this integrated feature, you can quickly issue commands such as move forward or backward, open a new tab, close a tab, open the starting page, etc. The way you do this is you hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse in a certain motion – depending on the motion, the command would be different. However, the mouse gestures of Slimjet are more advanced than those of Opera as there are more variants/gestures and also you can customize the command that each one executes.
  • QuickFill – with this, you can quickly access your web accounts and even add a master password to make your access even quicker. It works as an advanced password manager.

How secure and private is this browser?

Slimjet doesn’t suffer from any serious security issues as far as we know. Also, having an ad-blocker facilitates better protection as it helps you avoid potentially harmful ads. In addition, since it isn’t among the most popular browser, hacker attacks targeted at it should be more rare when compared to attacks towards Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc. When talking about privacy, the combined search and address bar might be seen as a negative. Also, there have been several reports that user browsing data has been collected and send to the headquarters of Slimjet. However, this isn’t anything surprising as most modern browsers do that all the time.


Even if there might be more polished and thought-out browsers out there, Slimjet really is something that would surely please a lot of users as long as they give it a go. It offers a lot of versatility and customization options and while there’s certainly room for improvement with some of its tools and features, it is still an interesting and useful alternative to the current top web browsers that we all know.


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  • this browser is infected with malware – installs a fake mozilla browser (update.exe) – have yet to hear from company. Also I d/led through website and not third party.

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