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Remove Big Bang Empire Virus

One newly reported Trojan horse virus called Big Bang Empire Virus is the main topic of the current article and in the lines that follow, we are going to reveal its methods of infection and typical behavioral traits. Also, we will share with you some very useful tips and guidelines, which can help you protect your PC from it. Those of you, who landed on this page seeking for a solution on how to remove this nasty Trojan, won’t be let down either. For all the people who want to effectively eliminate Big Bang Empire Virus, we have prepared a special removal guide, which can help them detect the tricky infection and carefully remove it without any risk for their system. All they need to do is to familiarize themselves with the specifics of the Trojan and then repeat the instructions shown in the removal steps below.

The various uses of Trojans

If a threat like Big Bang Empire Virus has managed to infect your computer, you should know that you are in big trouble. We don’t want to scare you right at the beginning, but we really need to make you understand the danger that a Trojan horse like this one represents, so you can handle it in the best possible way and remove it as soon as possible. All over the internet, the word Trojan is related to huge danger and various harmful and illegal deeds. This is not vainly, because this type of malware is responsible for more than 70% of all malicious infections on the Internet and the variety of its criminal activities has no end. An advanced threat like Big Bang Empire Virus, for example, can be programmed to perform a wide range of harmful tasks. System damage is probably the most common thing that this Trojan can be related to because it can effectively be used to corrupt your system and cause general malfunction. Sudden crashes, modifications in the Registry keys, data destruction or total deletion of major Windows files and disk formatting are just some of the consequences. In the worst case scenario, such an infection can damage the computer in such a way, that it may become completely unusable.

Credential stealing and spying is another thing that Big Bang Empire Virus may perform. Just like any other sophisticated Trojan horse, this threat can secretly collect confidential information through methods like keylogging and then steal the users’ passwords, online accounts, banking credentials or credit and debit card numbers. It is needless to tell you that once this data is transmitted to the hackers, they can use it for various harassing crimes. Another nasty thing that you can expect from the Trojan is to introduce some other malware inside your machine. These infections are specialized in creating system vulnerabilities and providing cover for threats like Ransomware and different viruses to get inside the computer undetected.  All in all, a piece like Big Bang Empire Virus can turn into very problematic software and the longer it stays in your system, the worse the consequences would be. That’s why it is really important for you to detect and remove it as soon as possible.

Detecting Big Bang Empire Virus

Detecting the Trojan is probably the hardest part of dealing with the infection. This type of malware is a real king of camouflage and knows how to hide well and remain undetected for a long period of time inside the computer. Most users are not able to spot it and distinguish it from the non-contagious web content, because it mostly resembles a seemingly harmless ad, a file, a link, an email message or attachment. It usually spreads on social media platforms, torrent sites, freeware or shareware pages, free downloads as well as pirate materials, sketchy ads and pop-ups and various shady websites.

One click is enough to active the infection and from then on, it will silently start to operate inside the computer. There might be some symptoms, which may eventually give the Trojan away, and some of the most common include unusual RAM and CPU usage, sudden Blue Screen of Death crashes, strange activity on the screen, modifications and file replacements, frequent system errors and general instability. However, these symptoms can only indicate that something is wrong and may not be enough to effectively locate the malware and eliminate it.

The best way to detect Big Bang Empire Virus is to have a reliable antivirus program and use it to scan your machine. The importance of having good security software can really make the difference between having your PC infected and preventing nasty threats, that’s why we strongly recommend investing in a reliable one. In case that your antivirus fails to catch the Trojan, or is not able to remove it, we suggest you to manually detect and delete Big Bang Empire Virus by using the instructions in the guide below. In no way you should keep this malware on your machine, so make sure you really eliminate it and save your system.

Remove Big Bang Empire Virus

Sidenote: Readers of this guide are advised to bookmark this page or have it opened on another device since it is possible that they will need to close the browser at a some point during the tie they are completing the following steps.

Step 1

The first thing that needs to be done prior to anything else is that you boot your PC into Safe Mode. If you are not sure how to do it, use this link to a guide on how to enter Safe Mode.

Step 2

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager. Go to the Processes section and look for any suspicious-looking processes. Usually, malware processes use high amounts of RAM and CPU and also have shady description (or none at all). Right-click on those processes and select Open File Location. If you are sure that the process is coming from the virus, delete everything in the file location. Also, right-click on the process again and then select End Process.

Step 3

Press Winkey + R and type appwiz.cpl. Press Enter and in the newly opened window look for any shady program installs. Right-click on the suspicious programs and select uninstall. Follow the prompts to uninstall the sketchy application.

Step 4

Open the Run window again (Winkey + R), type msconfig and hit Enter. Go to the Startup section and from the list of programs, uncheck everything that seems shady or has an unknown or suspicious-looking manufacturer. Click on OK. On Windows 10, the startup programs list is in the Task Manager.

Step 5

Open the Start Menu and paste the following line in the search bar: notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts. Click on the first result that gets displayed. A notepad file should open, look at the bottom of the text and see if there are any IP addresses below localhost. Write to us in the comments if you saw anything there.

Step 6

Type regedit in the Run search bar and hit Enter. When the Registry Editor opens, press Ctrl + F, type the name of the virus and select Find Next. If anything gets found, right-click on it and select Delete. Do this for all search results.

Additionally, manually navigate to the following directories and see if they have any folders/keys that look shady (with a lot of random numbers and letters):

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Run
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer > Main
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Any other random directory

Delete everything that looks suspicious. If you are not sure whether to delete something, be sure to ask us in the comments.

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    My computer has been affected with both Big Bang Empire and Big Farm Virus. This is what appeared under the Localhost section; #localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.
    # Localhost
    # ::1 localhost

  • I see this below localhost:

    And i am not able to end process in process window… {step 2} when i right click on it, no drop down list appears….

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