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Sending Email to the Internet

You may use WinRoute as your SMTP server for outgoing mail. WinRoute uses relay SMTP server of your ISP to send email out instead of using MX records. In other words – all outgoing email will be sent through the other mail server that you enter (usually the Mail Server of your ISP). The same rules may be applied to your email clients – WinRoute Mail Server may be their relay SMTP server.

To set the relay SMTP server for outgoing mail:

  • Go to menu Settings=>Mail Server
  • Enter the outgoing mail server of your ISP into Relay SMTP Server field


Some ISPs do authentication of email coming through in order to avoid spamming. Then you have to provide your ISP with sufficient information.

1. Go to Mail Server->Advanced tab window

2. Enter desired host name into the Internet host name field. Usually this is the name of the computer connected to the Internet, e.g. host.isp.com.

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