iPhone batteries expanding and splitting the device’s case

Recently, the latest iPhone model came out and a lot of people were highly excited about the newest addition to Apple’s mobile device family. Many went out to purchase iPhone 8 as soon as it got released. However, for all its merits, one significant issue regarding the latest iPhone model has recently been reported by several of users from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Currently an investigation is being carried out by Apple and the public is waiting for an official statement regarding the newly encountered problem.

Expanding batteries

The complaint that the users of the defective device had is that their iPhones’ cases got split opened due to an expanding battery. Apparently, the device’s battery started expanding until the case of the smartphone could no longer contain it. Naturally, this rendered the whole device unusable.

The problem seems to have occurred during charging time, as a user from Taiwan has reported. Despite using an official Apple charger for iPhone 8 while the device was charging, the battery increased in size and broke out of the case of the smartphone.

Not a major issue?

Despite the fact that it might seem rather unpleasant and in contrast with Apple’s otherwise high standards, such failures are bound to happen every now and then considering the fact that millions iPhones are getting manufactured each day and sold to the public. So far, there have only been few reports of defective iPhone batteries which is to suggest that the issue is likely not something global that would affect a lot of devices from this model.

However, many users are likely worried that this could be another Samsung Galaxy Note-like incident where dozens of Samsung batteries caught fire which lead to the whole line of devices from this model to be taken down.

Investigation is being carried out

Apple have already stated that they are aware of the issue and that an investigation is already underway. So far, no official information has been given as to what has caused the expanding batteries.

Likely, the most logical answer to the question why this happened is due to the expanding gasses inside the battery which led to its swelling. However, the fact that the case split might have actually been the better alternative as otherwise there’s a chance that the device might have caught fire.

Here is a link from one of the unfortunate user’s twitter accounts where you can see pictures of the split case after the battery expansion.


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