CMDS is a revolutionary technology solution that simply adds a low level firewall, called the Desktop Security Engine (DSE), to each client computer, called nodes, within a given network. It is this simple integration of the DSE that enables the CMDS to come alive. By deploying CMDS, each node running DSE reports all activity to a Central Command Center Server. It is within this Central Command Server that user authentication and intrusion detection features of CMDS are administered and executed.

In addition to the DSE on the node, there is an Administration Utility. Also invisible to the user, the Administration Utility allows for the network administrator to remotely manage the DSE residing on that node. Both the DSE and Administration Utility are package together in a small application. This application, consisting of its two components, performs bi-directional network traffic monitoring and access control. This application is a version of Tiny Personal Firewall version 2 catered for this system

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