We are glad to welcome you to out website, tinysoftware.com! This is our introductory page where you can learn more about the purpose of this site and the people who are behind it.

What is tinysoftware.com all about?

Ttinysoftware.com is a website dedicated to providing its users with important, useful and interesting articles related to the software world and the online space. Our main goal here is to provide our readers with relevant information that is offered in an easy-to-understand way. There are a number of different topics that we cover on our site. For example, some of our articles are about software news and program reviews where as others focus on different computer viruses like Ransomware and Trojans or potentially unwanted software applications such as Browser Hijackers and Adware. We also have a section labeled Tips where you can learn how to do things such as boot your computer into Safe Mode or reveal any hidden files and folders that you might have.

Our goal

 Each of our articles and guides is written with the intention to make the information provided within easy to comprehend. A lot of software-focused websites out there offer in-depth analysis of different computer-related problems but oftentimes the way the information in them has been provided makes it difficult for users who aren’t tech-savvy enough to take in what is actually being said and explained. Therefore, here, on tinysoftware.com, we seek to avoid this by making sure that even readers who might not be that much into computers would still be able to understand the information that is provided within the articles. As far as our guides are concerned, we have tried to make them detailed and easy-to-follow so that everyone can complete their instructions on their own, without the need for additional help. That said, we would still gladly offer any user the assistance that they might need should they run into any trouble whenever trying to complete any of our guides. We actually encourage our visitors to contact us through the comment sections regardless of whether it is to ask for our aid or to simply give use their feedback. We highly value the communication between us and the visitors of our site so do not hesitate to hit us up by writing us a comment whenever you feel like it. 

The team behind tinysoftware.com

We, the people who have created this site, are a young team of computer geeks and friends who share a common interest in technology and have so decided to create our own website through which we can help other users resolve various software-related problems as well as offer useful and interesting information related to the virtual world. Due to our hands-on experience with a lot of the issues that we try to cover on our site, we fully understand how frustrating it could sometimes be to try to handle a problem with your computer without any success. Because of this, we always try to do our best in helping people who have chosen to visit our site and refer to its articles and guides.

 Since its launch back in 2016, tinysoftware.com has undergone significant improvements and we are determined to keep making this site better and better so that more people would have their computer-related problems resolved with our aid. As was already mentioned above, we highly appreciate any visitors to tinysoftware.com who are willing to give us their feedback as this would greatly help us make this website better and more optimized for all who wish to use it.